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League Rules

Game Rules

  • USA Hockey rules and regulations are to be enforced with exception to those listed below.
  • Each league shall have a structure that is specified in its home page. (Located by clicking on the league's page)
  • Varsity games shall be played in three stop-time periods of 15 minutes in length each.
  • Varsity games shall have ice cuts after two periods of play. The ice cut intermission shall be 12 minutes in length. 
    • The only exception to this rule is when a team leads by five goals or more after two periods.
  • Junior Varsity games shall be played in three-stop time periods of 14 minutes in length each.
  • Non-ice cut intermissions shall last one and a half minutes, unless officials declare otherwise.
  • At any level, if a team leads by five goals or more during the third period, running time shall be used. If the deficit closes to below five, stop-time shall resume.
    • During running time, the clock only stops for a penalty being assessed, injuries, and at the on-ice official's discretion.
    • During running time, the penalty clocks are to remain running once started. Should a penalty release during a stoppage, the player serving must remain in the box until play has resumed.
  • One timeout shall be allowed to each team, 60 seconds in length.
  • Generally, a two-man on-ice officiating crew is to be used, however additional officials are permitted for some occasions.
  • All games may end in a tie in regular season play and playoff round robin.
  • During bracket play, each game must have a winner. If a game is tied at the end of regulation:
    • Two minute intermission break.
    • Five minute sudden death overtime, teams switch sides. (short exchange) Teams will play five on five plus a goalie.
    • If still tied, one and a half minute intermission break, then five minute sudden death overtime, teams remain on short exchange. Teams shall play four on four plus a goalie.*
    • If still tied, three man shootout. If still tied, sudden death shootout. Home team decides who shoots first.
      • No player may shoot twice until every skater has shot once
  • In the championship game or series, the home team shall be the team with the higher regular season finish, per tiebreaker rules listed below.
  • A win shall be worth two points in the standings, a tie shall be worth one point, and a loss shall be worth no points.


*changed per board meeting 01.14.20

Off-Ice Officials

  • The visiting team must supply two adults:
    • Penalty box attendant to ensure penalties are served correctly.
    • Official scorekeeper to fill out the sheet and perform various related tasks, as well as keep track of shots-on-goal/saves. (Someone else may be designated for shots/saves)
  • The home team must supply three adults:
    • Game timekeeper who is familiar with the operation of the rink's scoreboard controller.
    • Penalty box attendant to ensure penalties are served correctly.
    • Security.
  • For semifinal and championship series games at West Meadows Ice Arena:
    • Both teams must provide a penalty box attendant who is willing to help assist with the tracking of shots/saves
    • The league will provide a timekeeper/official scorekeeper.


  1. Points
  2. Head to Head
  3. Most wins
  4. Fewest goals allowed
  5. Best goal differential (up to +/- 5 per game)
  6. Quickest goal in first playoff/season game

Tiebreaking procedure to be used for both regular season and playoffs.